Neurology in the German Medical Center

We hereby introduce you to our Neurologist.

Dr. Liviu Coltoiu

Dr. Liviu Coltoiu

Treatment of the following neurological diseases:
Headache; Nerve/nerve root pain in e.g. polyneuropathies or herniated discs; Disease of individual nerves e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar sulcus syndrome; Stroke; dizziness and balance problems; Inflammatory brain diseases e.g. multiple sclerosis; memory and concentration problems; Parkinson's diseases; Epilepsies.


Diagnostic range of services:
EEG measurement of brain waves in epilepsy; NLG measurement of nerve conduction velocity at e.g. B. Carpal tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathies, herniated discs; Evoked potentials: Examination of the sensitive nerve pathways; Test diagnostics for memory and concentration disorders; Lumbar puncture: examination of the cerebrospinal fluid in inflammatory CNS diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis); Laboratory investigations.

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