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Do I need a private travel insurance or is the insurance card of my home national health system sufficient?
It is highly recommended to book a private health travel insurance together with the trip. On Tenerife the national health system is so overcrowded, that it is practically impossible to be treated. With your national health insurance card you can be treated in the hospitals of Santa Cruz (Hospital Universitario and Hospital La Candelaria) in case of a serious illness or accident that has to be treated in hospital. Highly qualified outpatient medicine is rare.
The German Medical Clinic is a day clinic. You get the treatment cost refunded by your private travel insurance without problems.

Do I get my medication on Tenerife?
Yes, most medication is available on Tenerife. The trade names are very different in the different european countries, but the active ingredients are the same. Please bring your medication schedule and we'll inform you about the name of your medication in Spain.
Warfarin and some Insulin types are not available on Tenerife. Insulin dependent patients should bring some supply from their home country.

Is a mask an effective protection against infectious diseases spread on an airplane?
No, you can not protect yourself by using a mask. Colds, which are caused by viruses, can not be avoided by using a mask. A mask justs protects you of coughing in your immediate surrounding.

Should I wear suppport stockings on an airplane, as I have heard of the high risc of thrombosis?
Only people who have a known risc of thrombosis should wear support stockings on an airplane.
We recommend to wear support stockings if any of the following apply to you: varicous veins, chronic phlebitis, heart failure, obesity, diabetes, over 70 years of age and flight duration over 5 hours. Move your legs and feet at least every 30 minutes.

What vaccination does my child need on the Canary Islands?
Your child needs the same vaccination as in your home country in Nothern Europe. Additionaly we recommend the vaccination against Meningococcus C (causes Meningitis). This vaccination is implemented in the vaccination-schedule of part of Northern Europe.

I suffer from Asthma/Neurodermatitis. Do you recommend a stay on the Canary Islands?
We highly recommend a stay on the Canary Islands, as people suffering from the above mentioned diseases or Psoriasis or Multiple Sclerosis benefit from the local climate. The most common allergens such as pollen can hardly be found here. An exception ist he house dust mite – they exist here as well.

Do I have to be scared of poisonous animals?
There is no poisonous animals on the Canary Islands, apart from the common insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, which exist also in Central Europe.
Sometimes you encounter poisonous jellyfish in the sea (spanisch or portuguese man-of war), and very rarely a greater weever burried in the sand on the beach, but the sting normally is harmless.


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